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ZETLAB, A Leading Digital Electronic Measurement Instruments Manufacturer

It is impossible to imagine modern sciences and technologies without the use of measurement and control automation instruments. They allow conducting accurate measurement of various physical values, which is obligatory for control of engineering facilities parameters and maintenance of technological processes operation in optimal modes.

Classification of measurement and control instruments
Measurement and control instruments include a wide range of devices with different construction, characteristics an intended use. The only thing that unites them is their common function – measurement and control of physical values.

Measurement and control instruments can be classified into several categories:
1. Based on their structural features: stationary, portable, panel and switchgear.
2. Depending on the type of the signal used: analog and digital.
3. Type of data representation: displaying and recording.
4. Measurement method: direct measurement or comparison.
5. Type of measured values: ampere meters, thermometers, odometers, strain gauge transducers, etc.

It is clear, that the above list does not contain full range of categories that can be used for classification of measurement instruments. The application sphere of measurement and control instruments encompasses a wide range of industrial and everyday activities. However, measurement and control instruments are most widely implemented in construction sphere, industry, agricultural industry, communal services, science and defense.

Measurement and control systems by ZETLAB
Modern market offers a wide range of measurement and control instruments of various types, thus it is possible to purchase instruments from various manufacturers. A special mention should be made of digital electronic measurement instruments by ZETLAB Company.
Software and hardware suites by this manufacturer meet all the applicable requirements of the corresponding standards.

Products by ZETLAB Company are highly competitive in terms of technical characteristics, operational specifications, and have affordable price.

In addition to the hardware products, ZETLAB Company also develops task-specific software for measurement and control instruments. These state-of-the-art software suites are perfectly suitable for accumulation, processing, and storage of the data, that has been obtained from the primary transducers.

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